Beginning in the early nineties, Robert Palazzolo began working in the emerald trade for the Garzon family in Los Angeles.  Under their guidance, he would be exposed to a vast experience of gemology and luxury business, that normally would not be available to the average twenty year old.    

In 2005, the experience would evolve into creation of jewelry with natural gemstones, including ruby, sapphire and pearls.  A few years later, these few-of-a-kind handmade pieces were brought to the attention of a boutique owner in the heart of Laguna Beach, California.  This would be the very first retailer to carry and represent the new local artist, Robert Palazzolo of RJP Designs. 

The next step in evolution came in the form of a world famous Austrian crystal house.  After a short courtship between RJP Designs and the European crystal manufacture, a partnership was formed and production began.  

Today, there are over 50+ retailers that carry our fashion jewelry & accessories, which include over 80 different individual pieces.  New pieces can be found each season among our retail partners, social media presence and special events, all of which is still produced by Robert Palazzolo himself in Dana Point, California. 

A sincere thank you to all of those who have mentored, encouraged and supported RJP Designs through the years.  Dreams and accomplishments would not have been reached without you !

Robert Palazzolo